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The Cleanse

“The Cleanse” 4’x4′ mixed media on wood panel. The piece represents the nature of the human mind, body and soul. A good cleanse is needed periodically to wash away the daily compromise of today’s society. The turbulent Japanese water pattern in the background of the… Read More »The Cleanse

The Gunslinger

36″x48″ Acrylic on canvas.“The Gunslinger” is a contemporary piece that plays off the masculine and feminine ideology of what makes you tough and/or soft. The viewer can see that the subject is is a bad ass cold blooded killer but the color composition also makes… Read More »The Gunslinger


2’x4′ Oil & acrylic on wood panel.“Childish” was intended to be a mural for a middle school that never came to fruition. It would have been tragic if I didn’t see this through one way or another… I am stoked that I did! There is… Read More »Childish

The Growlet

Everybody needs one of these on the back of their toilet! This is the kind of fun ideas that I come up with when around certain people and drinking certain drinks. Enjoy.

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